A Better Life Media

A Better Life Media was founded in 2018, when three Emmy-nominated producers whose careers were defined by impactful storytelling took a look around the TV landscape and realized that something was missing. With incisive vision, a collaborative spirit, frequent laughter, and deep empathy, the company aims to craft perspective shifting storytelling that compels viewers. 

We partnered with the founders to establish their mission, vision, and brand pillars to enlighten, empower, and entertain. From there, we built a fresh and optimistic identity based on the idea of forward movement, utilizing the arrow icon to guide your eye up and forward.

Role: Lead Designer

Studio: MA’AM
Creative Strategist: Kristina C. Unker
Copywriter: Rachel Mosely

Taken directly from the “A” of A Better Life Media, the arrow icon represents pushing life forward, linking it to the company’s mission.

Using Roobert and Teodor typefaces from Displaay we found the perfect balance of fun and confidence, helping to express the message throughout the applications, both in print and digital formats.

The website features a series of videos that evoke positivity and optimism, relevant to the mission.



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