Sitka Aesthetics

Sitka Aesthetics is a med spa in Sitka, Alaska providing a conservative but comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation, meticulously assessing each element of a client’s aesthetic goals. With their philosophy of less is more, Sitka Aesthetics aims to rejuvenate the natural features of each client while aligning with their lifestyle and aesthetic vision.

The visual identity takes characteristics from the town, mixing bold, airy, and symmetrical elements to create a balance between sophistication and playfulness. The logo uses a serif font that is elegant with refined details, while the monogram pays homage to Sitka’s roots with a harmonious and fluid shape.

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Role: Design and Creative Direction
Services: Visual Identity, Web Design, Art Direction

The monogram is inspired by the totem poles found in Sitka National Historical Park and nearby areas. The reflective characteristic found in most of the poles is used to create a connection between the S and A, which are mirror images of each other. 

The typography also shows the balance between modern sophistication, using Kazimir Text, a structured serif font, paired with a clean and straightforward sans serif Franklin Gothic. Roboto Mono, a monospace font, is used throughout for accents and captions.

The color palette draws inspiration from the different  tones found in Sitka. These colors are used in the ecommerce and social experience to complement and enhance the content presented, creating a visually engaging and cohesive experience.



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