Sitka Aesthetics

Sitka Aesthetics is a med spa in Sitka, Alaska providing a conservative but comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation, meticulously assessing each element of a client’s aesthetic goals. With their philosophy of less is more, Sitka Aesthetics aims to rejuvenate the natural features of each client while aligning with their lifestyle and aesthetic vision.

The visual identity takes characteristics from the town, mixing bold, airy, and symmetrical elements to create a balance between sophistication and playfulness. The logo uses a serif font that is elegant with refined details, while the monogram pays homage to Sitka’s roots with a harmonious and fluid shape.

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Role: Design and Creative Direction
Services: Visual Identity, Web Design, Art Direction

The monogram is inspired by the totem poles found in Sitka National Historical Park and nearby areas. The reflective characteristic found in most of the poles is used to create a connection between the S and A, which are mirror images of each other. 

The typography also shows the balance between modern sophistication, using Kazimir Text, a structured serif font, paired with a clean and straightforward sans serif Franklin Gothic. Roboto Mono, a monospace font, is used throughout for accents and captions.

The color palette draws inspiration from the different  tones found in Sitka. These colors are used in the ecommerce and social experience to complement and enhance the content presented, creating a visually engaging and cohesive experience.


Gabriela Herman

Gabriela Herman is a Brooklyn-based editorial and commercial photographer who specializes in travel, food, lifestyle and portrait work around the globe, bringing a fresh and vibrant energy to every shoot. Our task was to create a visual identity to elevate her work and attract more commercial clientele. We chose typography, colors, patterns and created a system that reflects Gab’s vantage point: sunny, colorful, fun, and authentic.

Role: Lead Designer
Studio: MA’AM
Design Director: Sanja Planinic
Creative Strategist: Kristina C. Unker
Photography: Grabriela Herman


36 Days of Type 2023

For the 10th edition of 36 Days of Type, I created each letter of the alphabet using the punch needle technique. I took different approaches to develop each letter, from abstract designs associated with a specific letter to more conventional shapes. Each design explores and plays with different aspects like dimensionality, color combinations, and geometric and organic shapes. The result is an interactive typographic poster that showcases the versatility of the punch needle technique and allows everyone to feel and interact with each letter.

Role: Design & creative direction



A Better Life Media

A Better Life Media was founded in 2018, when three Emmy-nominated producers whose careers were defined by impactful storytelling took a look around the TV landscape and realized that something was missing. With incisive vision, a collaborative spirit, frequent laughter, and deep empathy, the company aims to craft perspective shifting storytelling that compels viewers. 

We partnered with the founders to establish their mission, vision, and brand pillars to enlighten, empower, and entertain. From there, we built a fresh and optimistic identity based on the idea of forward movement, utilizing the arrow icon to guide your eye up and forward.

Role: Lead Designer

Studio: MA’AM
Creative Strategist: Kristina C. Unker
Copywriter: Rachel Mosely

Taken directly from the “A” of A Better Life Media, the arrow icon represents pushing life forward, linking it to the company’s mission.

Using Roobert and Teodor typefaces from Displaay we found the perfect balance of fun and confidence, helping to express the message throughout the applications, both in print and digital formats.

The website features a series of videos that evoke positivity and optimism, relevant to the mission.



As The Nook Online’s founders prepared to scale their business model, we developed an identity to align with their company’s new name: Kahilla, which refers to a group of people united by a common goal. Starting with branding and extending into design, communications strategy, and messaging across all collateral—including Kahilla’s website—we articulated the company’s commitment to empowerment and inclusivity.

Role: Lead Designer
Studio: MA’AM
Creative Director: Sharon Taylor
Managing Director: Kristina Unker

The Kahilla logo embodies community. Its solid, block letterforms infuse the wordmark with a strong and balanced foundation, while the elevation of its members is signified by the dot of the “i” rising above its base. Together, these elements express Kahilla’s identity as a “basecamp for women on the rise.”

The tagline is stacked and placed on the right side of the logo, with a vertical line mimicking a flag.

The brand icon (a circle) symbolizes the Kahilla basecamp and serves as a visual distinguisher, leading viewers on a webpage, highlighting headlines, and adorning foundational brand collateral.

The photography direction reflects the feeling of community and nature through energetic and bold black and white photography.


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